Friday, June 26, 2009

Risky Business

Free wine, fancy cupcakes, and an excuse to dance like a stripper. These are some of the perks I received my first night out as an escort. That's right, escort. As a recent graduate in a tough job market, I've decided to flex some entrepreneurial muscle.

My idea to start an escort organization came in response to a text message I received from a friend in need of a last-minute date to a wedding. She needed help, and this was a great opportunity for me to try my hand at one of those superhero/businessperson mashups I've been reading so much about. And just like that, BestDateEvar, Chicagoland's first nonprofit escort service, was born.

With less than a 24-hour notice, I prepared for the wedding by watching Rocky Balboa twice and asking my 'escortee' what color dress she was going to wear. This is how BestDateEvar is different and better than all those services listed in the Yellow Pages or on craigslist. I bring the eye of the tiger and get the important details almost right.

Though photos may suggest otherwise, I take my role as an escort seriously. Sure, I may have been seven minutes late picking up my date. And sure, I may not have been able to wear my suit jacket because of noticeable pudding stains. But did I park in the 'no parking' zone like I usually do? No way. As a role model and future icon for my community and yours, I can't be doing stuff like that--on the clock.

My escortee said I exceeded her expectations--I think. I can't remember exactly. Drinking eight glasses of wine before sunset, though escort credo, does not guarantee successful memory bank deposits. Regardless, she did post, "You da bomb like tick...tick..." on my Facebook wall.

With my first client in the books, I have high hopes for BestDateEvar. I want to make it one of the premier escort services in the world. And eventually, I want to get the pudding stains removed from my suit.

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