Monday, October 19, 2009

Time Management for Dumbies

Have you ever missed your morning train because you stayed up really late to finish a book on time management? I have. So trust me when I tell you that the secret of effective time management is having stuff to do. Once you have stuff to do, you can plan out your day by creating a timetable. For example, here is what my tomorrow looks like.

    9:50 am: wake up in panic over whether I can still get Hotcakes

    9:51 am: nap

    11:00 am: watch Max & Ruby while monitoring Facebook for paranormal activities

    12:00 Noon: eat breakfast

    12:15 pm: shower

    12:17 pm: affirm self through self-affirmations

    1:17 pm: drive to work/eat

    2:00 pm: hustle dairy products/eat x 6

    11:30 pm: hit playground

    12:30 am: approve ten-dollar deals from my jPhone/eat

    1:00 am: mindstorm ideas like “Mini Bagel Bites” and “Bagel Bites, Now 25% Bigger!”

    2:00 am: ghostwrite Too $hort proverbs

    3:00 am: eat/eat

    3:67 am: fall asleep promising self tomorrow is the day for Hotcakes

If your day isn’t organized like this, I suggest you miss a train.

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