Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dream Girl

The other night I had this amazing dream. In it, I was taking an online quiz to determine what type of online quiz-maker I was. Then I had another dream. This one was about a girl. When I woke up that afternoon, I hopped online. Because you know what they say: if it happens or exists in a dream, then robot dolphin can think it.

Maaaaan, you should have seen this girl. But you can’t. Because it was my dream. And unless we crossover-link dream world memory drives, that’s not gonna happen. So, since you can’t see her, I’ll describe her.

Okay, here we go. She likes to have fun and live life. Her job and family are important to her. She is looking for that someone special. Her ideal mate is compatible. She doesn’t like games. Um, what else? Like me, her interests include conversation and she’s never been married. She doesn’t have any pets but likes birds. Her favorite hot spots include a mix of college Spring Break destinations and shopping. And oh yeah, I almost forgot, her attitude toward online dating is something along the line of “I can’t believe I’m doing this!” I mean, really, she just wants to see what happens.

Now, you may be thinking that this girl sounds like every other girl--but that’s where you’re wrong. This girl possesses a unique quality nobody else has. Something that separates her from all the other girls in Dream Land. Something that makes her irresistible. This girl likes to listen to music, watch movies, and hang out with her friends.

Please let me know if you see this girl in your dream or in your robot dolphin’s thought bubble. And try to get her number for me. Thanks in advance.

Dream Girl, if you’re reading this, I’ve secured a Visa for you. Come join me in the waking world and let’s see what happens! My Maxwell records await.

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